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Teletherapy is a form of speech therapy that uses the internet to connect with a student in a remote location. It’s a convenient way for speech therapists to work with students who are not able to attend traditional clinic-based therapy services.

Teletherapy is an effective and convenient way to deliver speech therapy services. For the past few months, we have been offering this service for free (as a learning tool) but have now decided to start charging for this service.

Boom Cards have many advantages over paper flashcards. First, there are no printing costs and no cards to lose or place in the wrong piles. Second, they are self grading, so you can see which cards your student has mastered and which they still need help with. Third, they are fully customizable so you can change the words or pictures to meet your students needs. You don’t even need to own a printer! Additionally, we will be able to see how your student is progressing through their speech goals, how often they visit their deck, and how many times they complete a card correctly.

If you become a Boom Card member, you will be able to access our speech therapy activities online. Our members are also able to create their own teletherapy activities as well! The best part? You don’t even need to download any software! Simply log into your account and select a speech therapy activity that you want to use with your child or student. You can then share the link with the person who needs the speech therapy assistance (e.g., therapist or teacher). They can then log into their own account and complete the speech therapy activity with students virtually using their computer or mobile device.

The process of creating these cards is surprisingly easy! They have a drag-and-drop feature that makes it simple to create activities that are tailored specifically for my students. Some of the more simple activities only take a few minutes to create. It is also very easy for me to monitor student progress as well as make adjustments within the deck if necessary. Parents and teachers also find this aspect helpful because they can see what topics their students need extra work on.

Boom Cards is a digital resource for speech and language therapy. The beauty of Boom Cards is that they engage students at all ages. These cards are for SLPs, parents, educators, and other professionals working with the speech and language development of a student. Most of these cards can be used during teletherapy sessions.

Teletherapy is a great way to get speech therapy services for your child without having to leave the comfort of your home. Teletherapy can be done from wherever you have access to an internet connection, including a tablet or laptop anywhere at home, or even a smart phone.

Boom Cards are the perfect teletherapy solution. They are self-grading, and you don’t need to download anything! Because these cards are interactive, your kiddos will be engaged and have fun – which means they’ll be learning too!

This deck is full of articulation sentences for R with a holiday theme. Each card has either a picture or a sentence that students can read. Students can then select their answer from multiple choices. If they select the correct answer, they will see a green check mark. If they choose the wrong answer, they will see a red X, and then they can try again.

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