Bibs for Special Needs

    Bibs are designed to meet the needs of each individual patient based on their specific medical conditions, so they are custom-made and tailored specifically for them.

The aim of Bibs for Special Needs is not only to help patients with special needs eat cleaner meals but also provide an outlet where caregivers can connect with one another and share experiences about raising their children who have disabilities.

The founder of Bibs for Special Needs is Anita Jones-Mueller, who started the organization after her son was diagnosed with autism at age three. She wanted him to be able to go out into public and enjoy himself without getting covered in food all over his clothes every time he ate something messy like spaghetti or chicken wings (which were his favourite).

Bibs for Special Needs is a company that makes bibs for kids with special needs. They have a variety of bibs, from drool bibs to clothing protectors and much more. They also have a wide range of designs on their bibs, including alligators, elephants, and even unicorns.

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