Best Toys for Special Needs Child

Toys for Special Needs Children are designed to help the child develop their cognitive abilities, motor skills and sensory processing. They can also be used as a way to encourage imaginative play in children with special needs.

Some toys that can help with cognitive development include building blocks, puzzles, board games and music players. These toys help the child develop their problem solving skills and also give them something to do if they are bored. Some toys that can help with motor skills include balls and bean bags, which allow the child to practice movement by throwing or rolling them around. Some toys that can help with sensory processing include musical instruments such as drums or keyboards, which allow the child to experience different sounds and vibrations.

Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities often enjoy toys that are sensory-driven, or that engage the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, taste and/or movement. A child’s occupational therapist can identify which sensory input is most engaging for a specific child and help guide you toward age-appropriate options.

for the special needs child in your life, nothing is more important than choosing a toy that will not only build their skills but also give them hours of enjoyment. We’ve compiled some of our top picks below;

  • The “Wobble” ball is a great option for children with limited hand mobility, as it does not require any grasping or pressure to keep it moving. It will work for children who prefer to sit and watch an activity as well as those who like to be more active. The ball is made from high-quality materials and can stand up to heavy use without tearing or breaking. Its bright colors will appeal to visual learners while its soft texture makes it easy on sensitive hands. Its unique design also makes it ideal for kids with limited vision.
  • The V-Tech Baby Activity Center is perfect for children who need more stimulation than traditional toys can offer. This activity center features different levels of difficulty so that every child can find his or her own comfort level. The interactive play panel offers sounds, lights, and even songs! In addition, there are many different toys that encourage movement and coordination while developing fine motor skills such as turning pages in books or playing peek-a-boo with the built-in mirror.
  • Stacking Blocks
  • Shape Sorting Cube
  • Magnetic Fishing Game
  • ABC Magnatab
  • Cognitive Shape Puzzle

The best toys for kids with special needs are ones that encourage physical, sensory, and cognitive development. These types of toys are important because they help teach a child how to navigate the world around them in a fun, engaging way.

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