Best Speech Therapy Toys for Toddlers

When your toddler is learning to communicate, it’s important to keep them interested and engaged with a variety of activities. Since toddlers thrive on repetition, it’s also good to have toys that they can revisit again and again. Play is the best way to stimulate speech development, so here are some of the top speech therapy toys for toddlers.

  • Shape Sorter Toy

Shape sorters are a tried-and-true staple in most toy boxes. They help give toddlers practice with shape association and fine motor skills by requiring them to insert different shapes into their respective places. The perfect combination of fun and learning, your toddler will enjoy using this toy over and over again. It can also be a great opportunity for you to interact with your child—take turns inserting the shapes and see who can do it faster!

  • Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are a classic toy for children everywhere, but they’re particularly helpful for children who need speech therapy because they provide opportunities for imitation and repetition. By having your child feed, change, or rock their baby doll, you’ll be giving them the chance to pick up new words as well as practice ones they already know.

  • Teddy Bear Sing and Talk Stuffed Animal Toy  

The Teddy Bear Sing and Talk stuffed animal toy can help young children learn their numbers, letters, and colors. In addition, you can record your own voice to teach the child how to say new words. It is an interactive toy that will help a toddler develop early speech skills. 

  • Battat Sound Puzzle  

This sound puzzle is a great tool for practicing speech skills. Each piece of the puzzle has its own picture, letter, and sound. It helps kids with early literacy, vocabulary development, and phonics skills. The sounds are fun and encourage kids to keep learning and trying new words. 

  • VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight 

Toddlers will love this colorful flashlight! They can press through the different colors or spin the wheel to hear songs and phrases about colors, numbers, animals, or weather conditions. They can even twist the top of the flashlight to hear silly phrases or use it as a projector to see fun images on the wall or ceiling! 

  • Educational Insights Design & Drill  

Power Drill Activity Center With this activity center, toddlers will be able to create their own designs using colorful bolts that they screw into a board.

This product is a fun way for your child to practice their words. They can learn new words, and they can practice their old words every day. This toy is small enough to take everywhere, and it fits into a backpack or purse easily.

This toy will help your child memorize their words, and it will help them learn new words at the same time. Your therapist will love it because it is simple to use, and it makes learning easy. You might even be able to practice new words with your child when you get home from work.

It is made of wood, so it will last a long time, and you can buy more than one if you need to give one to your therapist. This toy works best for children who are just starting to talk, but it might also be useful for older children who are having trouble finding new words or pronouncing old ones.

The best toys for speech therapy are often ones that are already in your home. They tend to be baby and toddler-specific, but you can also use toys meant for older children.

These toys will make learning how to speak fun, which means your child is more likely to use them. We’ve got everything from picture books with sound effects (which teach vocabulary) to magnetic letter sets (which encourage fine motor skills).

But first things first: what exactly do these toys do? Well, they all have one thing in common: they help teach children about language! Some toys use sounds and pictures; others encourage kids to imitate words or phrases; still others get children involved in the process by asking questions like “What is this?” or “Where’s Mommy?”. And they’re all fun.

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