Best Dinosaur Books for Preschoolers

The best dinosaur books for preschoolers are those that keep young big-kid minds active and alive with a sense of wonderment. They are the books with bright colors, large pictures, and easy-to-remember words that will pique your child’s interest. They will desire to turn that page, and then another, just to find out what happens next.

Once you have decided on a dinosaur book for your preschooler, it is time to get reading. Reading with your child would be enjoyable and educational at the same time. You can ask your child various questions regarding the dinosaurs which they can easily find in their books. While trying to answer your questions, your child will be learning in the process. These books are really interesting and will help children learn more about these creatures.

 Touch And Feel Dinosaur by DK

Touch And Feel Dinosaur by DK is a wonderfully captivating and interactive book which aims to engage young children and encourage an awareness of other life forms. As such, Touch And Feel Dinosaur is a fantastic choice for babies, toddlers, and grade-school children, with the ability to not only educate them on new creatures, but to instil in them an appreciation for all life.

My Big Dinosaur Book by Roger Priddy (2-5 years)

My Big Dinosaur book is an example of a perfectly-made picture book for kids. The paperback version is a great size to place inside backpacks and travel bags but the hardcover version provides that same sturdy enjoyment as a board book that comes standard with “My Big Book” series books. With color and patterns on every page, it’s equally enjoyable as a parent reading to your child at home or reading it in the car. Dinosaur experts have provided plenty of details to satisfy both young children and parents eager to learn more about the prehistoric life on Earth. It’s the perfect bedtime story for the dino obsessed young dinosaur enthusiast in your family.

I Am NOT a Dinosaur by Will Lack

I Am NOT a Dinosaur! by Will Lach |

I Am Not a Dinosaur! is a fun, simple book that helps young children to understand the concept of what a dinosaur actually is. The rhyming structure makes it easy and entertaining to read. As with all good poetry, the illustrations are also an important part in delivering the intended message. Here they help set the scene effectively, most notably with the huge T-Rex looming over everything as he declares “I am NOT a dinosaur”. An enjoyable book that both children and adults will find endearing.

Prehistoric Pets by Dean Lomax

Prehistoric Pets

Prehistoric Pets is a beautiful, colorful book that not only shows you how to draw your favorite prehistoric animals, but also the environments they lived in. The directions are simple and easy to follow, and there are plenty of illustrations to help you along the way. It’s a great book overall and one that I recommend for kids of all ages (even adults!). If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow guide to drawing prehistoric animals, this would be a good choice

Dinosaur Atlas

Dinosaur Atlas book cover

Dinosaur Atlas is a wonderful book that will appeal to artists of all ages, dinosaur lovers, and people who are looking for something new and whimsical to read. Anne Rooney has the ability to make history come to life with her beautiful illustrations, putting the reader in the midst of ancient times. With information about each of the dinosaurs and their chosen habitat, I couldn’t help but want to learn more about them. This book was an exciting introduction to some of the most fascinating dinosaurs who have ever lived.

Earth Before Us Comic Series

Earth Before Us series

I highly recommend you read Earth Before Us. It’s entertaining, full of information, and it makes a great story for your kids. Your kids will enjoy the bright pictures of Mesozoic life and how the family dynamic changes based on the new circumstances this life brings for each of these characters. I really enjoyed the first few “Seas” volumes, and would love to see Abby continue writing more stories in this world. Between the strong artwork and educational value, Earth Before Us is an excellent comic series to try out!

When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big, & When Dinos by Hannah Bonner

When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big, & When Dinos by Hannah Bonner

The best children’s books should be accessible to readers of any age. Hannah Bonner not only succeeds in this regard with the level of language she has employed for When Fish Got Feet, When Bugs Were Big, & When Dinos Dawned , but she also presents some impressive scientific and artistic skills as well.

In When Fish Got Feet, my favorite part was always how the author told you about where fossils were found and then compared that to today. Having someone look for fossils really reminded of the time when I went fossil hunting on vacation. I love how I was able to relate to the book even though I had never been 100 million years ago in the Mesozoic era. It made me feel like I was a part of history and not just reading about it.

These books are rare, since most paleontology texts are published in the hardbound format, which is more expensive and less portable. The fact that you can get these books for both iPad and Kindle is an added bonus. As a parent of a young paleontologist, I can attest that these are great books for kids who love dinosaurs!

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