Author name: Sunbare

Speech Therapy for Parkinson’s

Speech therapy for Parkinson’s disease is a form of treatment that can help individuals cope with the speech difficulties they experience as a result of Parkinson’s. It is typically performed by a trained speech-language pathologist and involves a variety of exercises designed to help patients improve their verbal communication skills. Speech therapy for Parkinson’s disease may be performed in individual or group settings, and some patients may also benefit from at-home exercises.

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Speech Therapy for Pragmatic Skills

Pragmatic speech refers to the social or conversational skills of a person. It is a person’s ability to use language appropriately with consideration for their audience and the situation. It is also referred to as “pragmatics.” Speech therapy for pragmatic skills can help individuals improve their ability to communicate effectively and appropriately in social situations, which can help improve their relationships with others and their quality of life.

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