Attorneys Specializing In Special Needs Trusts

When a child or loved one has special needs, you want to make sure they will be taken care of, even after you are gone. Managing a trust can be difficult, especially if you have other pressing financial matters.

Your loved one with special needs is an important part of your life. You want to ensure they are well cared for, that their medical and therapy needs are met, and that they have the ability to live as independently as possible.
You know that you need a special needs trust in order to protect their rights, but you also know that if the trust is not drawn up correctly or if there is some mistake, benefits could be lost. We specialize in special needs trusts, and have been doing so for over 20 years. We have helped hundreds of families create lasting peace of mind for their loved ones with disabilities.
We can help you determine what kind of trust will best meet your loved one’s needs and circumstances, as well as make sure that all issues surrounding Medicaid, Medicare, SSI (Supplemental Security Income), and other programs are handled correctly.

Our team is uniquely qualified to help you understand and navigate the different aspects of a Special Needs Trust. We know that there are many emotions involved in making these crucial decisions and we will be there every step of the way.
We have extensive experience working in Estate Planning and helping families create Special Needs Trusts. Our focus is on providing personal attention to each client and their family to ensure they are well taken care of now and in the future.
You want to make sure that your loved one is taken care of after you’re gone and that they don’t lose their government benefits because the trust wasn’t set up properly. Our attorneys have been helping families create special needs trusts for years and understand the importance of getting them right.
If you or a loved one has special needs and is receiving government benefits, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you need to be aware of the limitations of these benefits. with the right planning, special needs individuals can receive gifts or inheritances without jeopardizing their eligibility for government benefits.

Special Needs Trusts provide the means to protect assets while ensuring that your loved one has access to the essential items and services he or she needs to live with dignity. A Special Needs Trust is set up for the benefit of a disabled person, but it is not considered a resource of that person for purposes of qualifying for government benefits.

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