Articulation Cards Speech Therapy

Articulation cards are an excellent resource to have in your speech therapy toolbox. Whether you are a parent or a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, articulation cards can be used in a variety of ways to target sounds at the word, sentence and conversation level.

Articulation cards come in handy for both group and individual settings. They are great for playing games such as “Memory” or “Go Fish”, and they also make excellent homework assignments. I like to use them when working on multiple-syllable words and sentences.

To make articulation cards, I use Avery Index Card inserts (5388). This pocket size card is 5″ x 3″ which is perfect for fitting into a child’s hand. The bigger the card, the harder it is for children with smaller hands. I also like using this template because it allows me to print 4-cards per page (thus saving paper).

Articulation cards are a tool used in speech therapy sessions to help patients learn how to make specific sounds. Articulation cards are helpful because they give both therapists and patients a visual representation of where in the mouth the sound is being made, which helps people adjust their mouth positions accordingly. Articulation cards also give therapists another way to demonstrate the sounds their patients need to practice, which can be particularly useful when working with children.

Articulation Cards Speech Therapy is a highly effective tool for assessing whether or not a child’s speech difficulties are actually the result of an impediment and, if so, how to go about overcoming it. It can be used from infancy to adolescence in one-on-one sessions with a certified speech therapist.

The way it works is simple—we provide you with cards that contain various consonants and vowels. The cards are color-coded for specific areas of the mouth (lips, teeth, etc), so you’ll be able to easily teach your child how to produce even the most difficult sounds with ease. The cards come in sets of three, which are meant to be used together as part of an assessment. Each card set represents one sound.

Speech therapy is often used to help people with speech-related conditions, such as apraxia, autism, stuttering, or aphasia. It can also be used to help people who have had a stroke or other medical condition that affects the ability to speak and understand language. Articulation cards speech therapy helps people improve their articulation skills, which are critical for clear communication.

The Articulation Cards Speech Therapy App by [company name] is based on the principles of speech and language therapy. It helps the user improve their pronunciation, articulation, and verbal communication through guided exercises. The app starts with an overview of the speech sounds–where they are produced in the mouth, how to produce them correctly, and what words contain that sound. It then guides the user through a series of exercises that focus on identifying and producing those sounds correctly. Finally, it provides progress reports for adults, children, and parents so that you can track your progress over time.

Articulation Cards are full-color photo cards printed on heavy card stock. They are an excellent tool to help children practice and improve their speech. Each set includes Target Sound, Target Word, and Target Sentence cards.

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