Articulation Books Speech Therapy

Articulation Books Speech Therapy is an innovative and effective way to help your child or client improve their speech sound production.

These books offer a variety of stories that target specific speech sounds in all positions of words (initial, medial, final). The articulation books cover a range of speech sounds including: /k/ as in “cake”, /g/ as in “goat”, /f/ as in “fish”, /v/ as in “van”, /s/ as in “sun”, /z/ as in “zip”, /sh/ as in “sheet”, /ch/ as in “chin”, /j/ as in “jeep”, /th/ as in “think”, final consonant deletion (FCD), and R-controlled vowels (ar as in “car”; or; er as in her).

Each story contains a word bank for students to use when reading the story. Each word bank contains 5 pictures and corresponding words. The story targets one specific sound and the words within the word bank contain the targeted sound.

This app features a collection of over 100 speech therapy books that target articulation skills. Each book includes pictures and text to help children practice the sounds they are working on. The books are great for practicing basic language and phonological awareness skills, as well.

The first advantage is that books can help speech therapists with group sessions. For example, a therapist may have a group of five children that need articulation therapy and use an engaging story written by a speech therapist to build or maintain articulation skills in all five children at once. The book will provide prompts for each child so that the therapist can assess their individual articulation skills and give them specific feedback on what they did well and how they can improve.

The second advantage is that books incorporate oral reading practice which helps children increase their fluency. For example, the speech therapist prepares a book with specific prompts for each child in the group based on their articulation needs. At home, each child reads or listens to their book and records themselves reading it aloud. Then, the child plays their recording for the therapist who assesses their fluency as they read aloud and provides feedback on what they did well and how they can improve.

The third advantage is that books provide opportunities for parents to engage with their children in an authentic way and become involved in their treatment plan.

Articulation books are a great speech therapy tool to use when working on articulation goals. They are fun and engaging! Articulation books can be used in multiple ways but I like to make copies of the book so each student has their own copy. This way they can highlight, write in the book and keep it as a resource to use after the therapy session.

Articulation books speech therapy is a great way to get kids excited about talking. Articulation books are great for children with articulation disorders because they can be used in more than one way. The child can use the book to practice their articulation skills, and the parent can use it to teach the child about the different parts of speech. The books are also great for parents who need to help their children learn how to express themselves in different ways, such as through writing.

There are many different types of articulation books available. There are books that focus on a specific part of speech, such as word recognition or sentence formation, and there are books that focus on a variety of speech sounds. This allows the child to learn all kinds of new sounds and helps them build confidence in their ability to speak.

There are also books that focus on teaching the child how to make sounds using the sounds they hear around them, including hearing other people speaking or making the sound of their own voice. These types of books can be used both at home and at school. They will help children develop their abilities to make articulations without having to rely solely on sound cues from other people or from other sources such as video games or movies.

It contains exercises that are designed to help students learn the correct pronunciation of words. It also helps them understand how to make sounds, as well as how to produce them. These exercises will help students develop good communication skills. In addition, they will be able to improve their self-confidence, which will help them feel better about themselves and help them develop socially. This book is very helpful in helping students with their speech and language development. It includes a variety of lessons that cover different topics such as vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, reading comprehension, writing skills, and more. Some of these lessons are designed for young children, while others are geared toward older students. The book also includes a section called “Language Lessons” that provides information on how to speak in different languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, and many others. 

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