Art for Special Needs

Art for Special Needs connects individuals with disabilities to the world of arts and culture. Their mission is to make museums, galleries, exhibitions, and more accessible to the community they serve. They work with individuals with all kinds of disabilities, including intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and physical disabilities.

Art for Special Needs (ASN) is committed to providing individuals with special needs access to the arts. ASN strives to make the benefits of creative art-making accessible to everyone, regardless of ability level, through a variety of programs. These include classes and workshops throughout the year, as well as weekend “paint and sip” events, with a portion of proceeds going back into the non-profit.
ASN also provides services for children and adults with special needs in care facilities and schools. They work one-on-one with students and clients in care facilities to provide art lessons that cater to each individual’s needs and abilities, as well as group lessons for schools or care facilities that wish to participate.
The organization gives kids and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in community art programs, encouraging creativity and socialization. Through their program, they hope to improve the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of the participants.
Their goal is to help people with special needs feel included in their communities through art. Art for Special Needs aims to help others discover their creative potential no matter what kind of challenges they face.

They offer a variety of classes including ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture and more. They believe in the power of art to transform lives and focus on the process rather than the product. They strive to create an inclusive environment where people of all abilities can express themselves artistically and have fun doing it.
We believe every child has the right to attend an art class that will challenge them while still allowing them to participate fully and meaningfully in the activities. To achieve this, Art for Special Needs has developed an innovative series of techniques based on our years of experience working with children who have special needs.
Our classes are held at local schools. Classes taught by certified teachers who specialize in working with students who have special needs. We run a summer camp as well as offer one-time workshops throughout the year.
Art for Special Needs works with individuals with all kinds of disabilities, from intellectual disabilities to developmental disabilities to physical disabilities. Their programs are designed to be flexible based on each participant’s needs. They offer a number of different opportunities for learning about art history and technique, as well as for creating your own art.
The organization was founded by a group of parents who wanted more opportunities for their adult children with special needs in the Boston area. Since then, it has grown into an organization that serves over 200 individuals each year through its programs in the Boston area and online. The founders envisioned an environment where participants could explore their interests in a supportive setting while also connecting with one another through a shared love of art.
Individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities often face challenges when it comes to accessing art and culture in their communities. They might not have the means to attend a museum or go to a concert, or they might not be able to fully engage with the art and cultural experience.
Art for Special Needs seeks to provide these individuals with an outlet where they can access arts and culture, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. We believe that all people should have the opportunity to learn about, engage with, and create art, regardless of their ability level.
In addition to providing individuals with disabilities access to arts and culture, we also work with artists who are disabled themselves. We seek out talented artists in every community we partner with, and aim to provide them a platform where they can share their unique perspective on the world around them.

Their programs include art workshops, a gallery program where participants can exhibit their work in a professional setting, and an education program where students learn about the lives and artistic practices of famous artists. They offer a variety of programs designed to create fun, meaningful moments out on the town for those who might otherwise be excluded from participating in arts and culture events

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