Arcare Special Needs Trust

Arcare Special Needs Trust is a Trust for individuals with disabilities. It allows these individuals to maintain government benefits and receive additional funds without disqualifying them from these benefits.

Arcare Special Needs Trust is a nonprofit organization that provides support for families with members who need assistance in living their lives to the fullest. As a nonprofit, Arcare relies on donations from generous benefactors in order to provide this support.
Arcare Special Needs Trust is a non-profit that helps people with disabilities get the financial assistance they need to cover expenses that aren’t covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
The trust is managed by a trustee who is charged with using the assets of the trust to support your loved one. This often includes making payments toward housing, transportation, food and groceries, and other expenses that allow your loved one to live as independently as they are able. Because the funds used to support the beneficiary are not in the name of the beneficiary, they do not count against financial resource limits for many government programs and can therefore be used without jeopardizing eligibility for those programs.
The Arcare Special Needs Trust enables families to provide for the future needs of their loved ones without jeopardizing public benefits. If you would like to set up an Arcare Special Needs Trust for your family member or loved one, contact us today and we will help you through every step of the process.

Arcare Special Needs Trust helps in three ways:
They send you a packet of information about what your options are for receiving financial assistance.
They help you fill out your application for financial assistance.
They manage your money and ensure it’s spent on appropriate expenses, like medical or home care services, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
Educational opportunities through vocational training workshops and internships
Transportation services including bus passes or taxis
Social events like bowling nights at local alleys or movie screenings of new releases with captions available at theaters near them.
The Arcare Special Needs Trust is a pooled trust specifically designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. The trust is intended to supplement, not replace, any governmental benefits the beneficiary may receive. The trust will pay for goods and services that enhance the quality of life for the beneficiary.
Arcare specializes in estate planning for families with special needs members. We work with you to plan for the future care of your special needs loved-one after you are gone.

We help maximize the potential of your estate to provide for your disabled loved-one, while preserving as much as possible of your estate’s value and minimizing taxes that can diminish the quality of care available. And because we have a unique understanding of the legal and financial issues, we can draft and administer your trust to ensure that your loved one is cared for and protected long after you’re gone.
Arcare is dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in reaching their dreams and living the life they want. We believe that people should be able to access resources without having to worry about their insurance coverage or financial status.
Their special needs trusts are funded by annuities or insurance policies. The trust is managed by a trustee who is appointed by the person with the disability or a family member or guardian, and protects the assets of the person with the disability from being spent on non-essential items to ensure that the person can continue to receive government benefits like Medicaid. These trusts are designed for people who have been diagnosed with mental or physical disabilities before age 65 and will likely require long-term care.
Arcare’s care management services allow their clients to continue living in their own homes while receiving medical treatment, rehabilitation, case management, emergency response systems, and more.

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