Adaptive Clothing for Special Needs

Adaptive clothing for special needs is a type of clothing that has been created to make the lives of people with disabilities easier. These clothes are different from traditional clothing because they help people deal with the difficulties of certain disabilities and can be adapted to suit their needs.

Adaptive clothing is specially designed to allow caregivers to dress individuals with special needs with ease. Adaptive clothing for adults and children with special needs can be defined as any clothing that has been adapted or modified to help a person who requires assistance to dress. This includes those with limited mobility, dexterity, or the ability to self-dress.
Adaptive clothing is available for all ages, from babies through adults. It is common for people to think of adaptive clothes as strictly for the elderly or those with disabilities, but in reality, there are many different types of adaptive clothing.
Adaptive clothing is typically designed to be worn by those with physical disabilities, the elderly, or disabled children. The clothing is typically designed for ease of use for caregivers and comfort for the wearer.
Adaptive clothing can help children with sensory issues feel more comfortable. Many children are unable to wear certain fabrics or styles of clothing because they are uncomfortable or cause overstimulation, which leads to behavioral difficulties. Adapting clothing by removing seams, adding soft comfort panels, or using certain fabrics can help reduce this problem.

for adults who have loss of independence due to disability, adaptive clothing can make them feel more comfortable and independent by allowing them to get dressed on their own without assistance. This reduces frustration and gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in being able to do something on their own that many take for granted.
There are many different types of adaptive clothing available, depending on what type of disability you have and how much assistance you need.
Examples of Adaptive Clothing for Special Needs

Wheelchair friendly clothing (which is designed to be accessible even when using a wheelchair).
Clothing that helps with sensory issues such as hearing loss or blindness (such as clothes which have loud patterns or bright colors).
Clothing for those who do not want their disability to be obvious (such as shirts which cover up scars from surgery).
Undergarments such as underwear and bras that have been adapted to fasten at the front instead of the back so they can be put on while lying down
Elastic waistbands on trousers and shorts which allow them to be pulled up easily even if sitting down
Velcro fastenings on shirts, jackets, and coats which make it easier for caregivers to dress the person without having to pull the item over their head
Adaptive accessories such as socks that are designed not to slip off or hats with chinstraps
Clothing with magnetic closures instead of buttons and zippers, which can be difficult to use when you have reduced mobility in your hands.
Pants with snaps on the sides so they can be opened up to put on and take off easily without having to pull them over your head like regular pants.
You can also find adaptive clothing in stores that sell regular clothes but have special sections dedicated solely to providing these items so they aren’t mixed in with other types of garments.

Many kids with special needs may have trouble with balance, or upper body strength, or both. Adaptive bikes can help them ride by providing additional support, helping them create and control momentum, or reducing the need for pedaling. Adaptive bikes come in many shapes and sizes, but the goal is always the same: to allow special needs children to enjoy the healthy fun of riding a bike.
Our specially trained staff will guide you through the process of finding the right fit and style of bike for your child and we can even set up a trial run with your child to make sure it is the perfect fit.

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