Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Child

Adaptive bikes are specially designed bicycles that allow children with disabilities to ride a bicycle. There are a lot of different types of adaptive bikes, from those specially designed for children who use wheelchairs to those for kids with mild balance issues.

In the past, kids with disabilities had to watch their able-bodied friends enjoy the freedom and fun of riding a bike. But today, there are many options in adaptive bikes for special needs children. Finding the right type of bike will depend on your child’s disability and what kind of freedom you want your child to have.
The first step to finding an adaptive bike is to seek the guidance of your child’s doctor or therapist. They will be able to advise you on the best type of bike for your child, as well as give you any needed equipment recommendations. Your local cycling shop should also be able to help you find an adaptive bike that will fit your child’s needs.
This is a great option for a child who has some balance issues but wants to learn how to ride a regular bike. A balance bike is a modified bicycle that can be ridden like a traditional bicycle but has extra supports and safety features built in it.

Purchasing an adaptive bike for your child with special needs can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find a bike that is the right fit for your child, but you also need to look for a bike that has been adapted to meet your child’s specific needs.
We have developed an adaptive bike that is perfect for children with disabilities and has a range of features including:
A handlebar for easy steering and control
A frame made from lightweight aluminium so it can be easily lifted into and out of cars
Adjustable seat height so it’s suitable for all sizes of children
A wide range of colours and designs available in order to suit all tastes.
Tricycles are more stable bikes for children who have trouble balancing or steering. Many adaptive tricycles also have a chair-like seat that makes it easier for kids with limited mobility or strength to sit comfortably and securely. Some tricycles even have pedal attachments for kids who can’t use their legs to power the bike themselves.

Tandem bikes are bicycles have one set of pedals in front and one in back. One rider steers while another pedals (or vice versa). Side-by-side bikes make it easy for kids who need more support or assistance to go on a bike ride with their family members or friends. for example, a parent can sit behind.

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