Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Adults

As an adult with a disability, you don’t have to give up on cycling. There are adaptive tricycles and bicycles designed just for you.

Adaptive bicycles are built for people with special needs. These bikes can be modified to suit a variety of disabilities, including amputation, limited flexibility, and cerebral palsy. You can even find adaptive bikes for adults with mobility limitations who want to get into cycling for the first time.
If you are an adult with a disability and you want to go cycling, the good news is that there are adaptive bicycles and tricycles designed just for you. Many people believe that bicycles are only for those who have the strength and mobility required to pedal them, but this is not true.
It doesn’t matter what kind of disability you have. There are several different kinds of adaptive bikes available to suit your needs. If you have difficulty pedaling or balancing, consider getting a recumbent bike. These bikes are low to the ground and have pedals that are situated in front of the rider’s body for easy access.
If you have trouble moving your legs, there is an option called a hand-powered tricycle that allows you to use your hands to move the bike instead of your legs. These types of adaptive bicycles also come in three-wheel models or two-wheel models depending on your preference.

As someone with a disability, you no doubt have to adapt to your life in any number of ways. But just because you are living with a disability, that doesn’t mean you should give up on cycling. From adaptive tricycles and bicycles to high-tech hand cycles, there are plenty of options for people like you who want to get back on the road.
We sell adaptive tricycles and bicycles for adults with disabilities. Our equipment is designed to allow you to get out on the open road or trail, alone or alongside friends and family. We build custom adult tricycles and bicycles, as well as retrofit existing two-wheeled bikes, so that they are usable by anyone who is unable to use a traditional bike.
If you have never ridden a bicycle before, it’s time to try! with adaptive cycles that feature three wheels instead of two, or specialized training wheels to help keep you upright, there is no need to be nervous. It’s easy to start riding on your own, with the help of a specially-trained professional.
If you’ve been riding for years but now have a disability that makes it more difficult, there are still plenty of options out there. Consider getting professionally fitted for an adaptive bike so that you can continue cycling in style and comfort. You’ll find everything from hand-powered trikes to recumbent bikes, quad cycles, and bike trailers in our shop. We’ve got adult-sized versions of all the latest models, and we can help you find the one that’s perfect for you.
A tricycle has three wheels, which provides more stability than a regular bicycle’s two wheels, and hand cycles are bicycles that are operated by pedaling with your hands instead of your feet. You’ll want to get one that is adjustable so that they fit comfortably within reach as well as being able to support the weight of the rider without tipping over when turning corners at high speeds or hitting bumps in the road.

If using your hands isn’t an option because of limited mobility in those areas then consider getting an adaptive bicycle with training wheels attached at both sides rather than just one side like normal kids bikes–this way both wheels will always remain grounded no matter how hard they try to tip over while riding around town.

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